24/7 After Hours  – Ticketing Fee $110 per ticket

Service Fees/Levies

$33 per sector- Domestic/Trans-Tasman Airfares per person
$66 per sector – International Airfares per person-Economy/Business
$44 per sector – International domestic sectors per person

Reservation Deposits                                                                                      
For package bookings a payment of a deposit of 10% pp is required to secure the reservation.  This deposit is non refundable.

Amendment Fees – Airlines/Provider fees apply
The above levies will apply to all changes to domestic and international flights.

Cancellation Fees – applicable to all bookings per provider’s terms.

In addition:
10% Cancellation fees apply to Domestic/Int’l packages
5% Cancellation fees applies to all  flights bookings.
Levies and miscellaneous charges are  non-refundable

Reissue Fees

Airlines’ reissue fees/penalties apply to all flight reservations:
In addition, the following fees are applicable.
$66 pp Reissue Fees – Domestic E ticket
$176 pp Reissue Fees – International E tickets
$264 pp Amend/Rebooking/Reissue International Tickets