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Our temporary home office is set up at the Heritage Golf & Country Club.

Please direct all your concerns and travel enquiries to Lillian Daff

Email: lillian@knoxtravel.com.au         Mobile: 0488077395 – 24/7

Calls to our agency Knox Travel 03 98870444 would  be redirected to  above mobile.

Our home-based consultants work on individual cases.

I am working full time and will continue to provide you with the level office you deserve.

For internet fares go online – www.knoxtravel.com.au

Our Epower is  Amadeus’  best online airlines’ reservation system.
This platform is live and the ticketing is controlled by Lillian Daff, the fare specialist.

On-line enquiries   – Call 0488 077395 or  email:  info@knoxtravel.com.au

Our Priority

To assist passengers abroad to return home safely. In the midst of the chaos, we worked behind closed doors to focus on this task. Thank you for your understanding.

Your Options

The suppliers we associated with are IATA accredited airlines & cruise liners and tour operators and travel providers  of distinction.

Where you have purchased a non-refundable travel product there will be no funds to apply for.

The most likely resolution a supplier will provide to you is to place the value of your cancelled booking into a credit for future use. Airlines depend on agents to hold reservations in “suspense” and reissue the tickets when booking is made. The value of the ticket can be utilised towards your new fares.

Reissue fees are waived.  Sector levies will apply. Terms of Trade.

If you chose to cancel your reservation and if there’s a refund due,  please be advised that the suppliers’  cancellation fees may apply. Our standard 10% cancellation fees and $66 refund processing fees will be chargeable. Terms of Trade

Existing Reservations
For travel till 30Jun 2020,  we are holding your cancelled reservations  in suspense.

As time approaches, bookings impacted from July will also be held in suspense pending your instructions. Accordingly, you will then receive our email advice.To assist you to make informed decisions, we will endeavour to provide you with the updates and offers from the respective suppliers/airlines.

All airlines we represent are IATA accredited. Ticketing is inhouse.

In some instances, we were compelled to book discount carriers. and channel the issue of tickets to our ticketing office ((Sector levies apply)

All airlines have their own change and cancellation policies in place. In brief, most airfares (unless it is a flexible e.g business class fare), are non-refundable.   The best option at this stage, is to accept the credit option that the airlines are offering.

Sector levies and difference in fares will still apply when we reissue your tickets.

Reissue fees waived.

Most cruise operators have upheld their integrity and have made generous offers including refunds/rebooking options.  Refund advices and confirmation of offers have been emailed to you individually. If you are expecting a refund, we will forward a copy of the refund statement when it is processed, before contacting you for your banking details.

Alternatively, if you are wish to rebook your 2021 holiday, please contact us.

Suppliers have their own policies regarding refunds and cancellations.

Their policies are frequently changing and updated as the global situation evolves.

Systematically, we will forward updates and e-info regarding the status of your reservations and your options.

After your deliberation, we expect to get your instructions so we can assist you.

In the interim, if you have any queries, please contact info@knoxtravel.com.au