Why do you need to hire a travel agency?

A corporate travel agency or a travel management company is a service provider that manages
travel for your company. Their main duty is to make sure the travel experience is seamless for your
employees and provide them with continuous customer support.

The travel agency you choose will assist your employees to make all necessary arrangements for their business trips, within company policy. The travel agency will book travel for employees, assist with cancellations, rebookings, etc
and provide corporate negotiated rates.

A corporate travel agency is well-equipped to help a company fully manage its travel program and provide a smooth booking experience to its employees. It can also save companies money by offering discounts on hotels, airlines, etc. via its global network.

But how do you find a corporate travel agency in Melbourne that meets your business needs? Listed
below are a few tips and factors that will help you choose the best travel agency in Victoria for your

1) Personalized customer support –

Check out if the travel agency offers support 24*7 and 365 days a year, which is absolutely imperative as you and your employees could be traveling for work anytime during the year. They should be available via multiple channels like chat and call, and in multiple languages, especially during emergencies.

Another thing that you should check is whether your travel agency is providing you with a personal travel agent
that understands your employees’ specific needs and helps them with the best alternative solutions in case of trip bookings, especially rebookings and cancellations.

They should be able to provide quick, accurate answers to the trip queries. You can check customer reviews
online to know about their customer service or testimonials on their company site.

2) Seamless booking experience –

In the past, travel agencies would rely a lot on emails and phone calls to interact with employees and make trip bookings. But in the present scenario, employees do not have time to spend going back and forth with their bookings.

Your travel agent in Victoria should have a seamless platform where the corporate travelers
should be able to log in to the platform and book business trips themselves. This would also
help travel managers to find answers for all their queries instead of writing emails to the
travel agency, asking for help.

3) Extensive hotel and flight inventory –

Corporate travel agencies might partner with just a few vendors who do not offer low-budget airlines. This factor is a must to be considered while selecting your corporate travel agency. Extensive inventory would include variants of
transportation such as planes, trains, cars, etc. and, accommodation such as hotels, Airbnbs,
studio apartments, etc.

This will help you and your company improve your cost savings.

4) Reporting and Analytics –

Many corporate travel agencies do not have a seamless system and therefore are not capable of providing complete travel data insights. The travel agency in Melbourne you select should provide your finance teams with a detailed travel report for all business trips.

Such reports can provide you with insights that can help in saving money.

5) Services such as Passport, visa, or travel insurance –

Apart from providing support in booking tickets, check what extra service does the agency provides? The agency should also provide additional services like helping employees with passport issuance, getting visas easily, and
explaining travel insurance and its importance.

These are just a few points to keep in mind while choosing a corporate travel agency for your
company. Do connect with Knox Travel if you are looking for an efficient travel agent in Victoria for
your corporate travel plans.