Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you’re about to embark on your first-ever corporate trip, you
should keep a few things in mind before you leave for your corporate travel. It’s never a good idea to travel for work without making arrangements in advance. If you travel without making any appropriate preparations, you
may end up missing critical meetings, leaving something vital at home, or without a place to stay.

Therefore, to avoid hassles that may occur due to unplanned travel, it is beneficial to have a to-do
list ready as a quick reckon-er.

1) Book with a familiar travel provider – Whenever possible, book reservations with travel
agents who you’ve contacted or frequented before. By doing so, you’ll be familiar with how
things work and the level of service you can expect.

2) Sign up for reward programs – Businesses in the hospitality industry often have loyalty
programs that enable frequent business travelers to accumulate points they can later
redeem for savings.

Frequent travel is not required to avail these rewards. When you are a
member of a loyalty program, you may enjoy some perks like an upgraded seat, hotel room,
or vehicle even if your rewards balance is zero because the provider wants you to use its
services again down the line.

In other words, providers may try to woo you with free upgrades to get you to book with them again.

3) Remember to follow your company’s travel guidelines – Depending on the business you
work for, your company may have a travel policy. If your organization has such a policy,
make sure you make arrangements that are in tune with those guidelines. The travel policy
may require you to use a travel credit card instead of your own personal credit card if you
want to be reimbursed for expenses incurred during your work trip or you may only receive
a limited stipend for meals. A typical travel policy varies from one company to another. Even
frequent business travelers should review their company’s travel guidelines regularly to
ensure they remain in compliance so that they won’t have to spend from their own pocket
for non-reimbursable expenses unexpectedly.

4) Remember to store customer service numbers in your phone – As you finalize your travel
plans, make sure you store the relevant customer service numbers in your phone. Having
those numbers handy will be a big help if your plans get disrupted or if you are dissatisfied
with the services you receive. One of the best travel hacks you’ll ever receive is to follow
your providers on social media.

While business travel is different today than it was just a few years ago thanks to changes thrust
upon the world as the result of the pandemic, some basic rules will always apply. One of those rules
is to be courteous and compliant with an airline’s requirements.

If, for example, your carrier requires passengers to wear a mask, do it, making sure you cover both your nose and mouth. Apart from this,there are various other factors to keep in mind if you are traveling for work. Do connect with Knox Travel to check out our packages for corporate travelers.