Travelling alone can seem like an exciting option but it could be at times boring too. For someone who loves to socialize and make new friends, a lone traveler could mean making new friends and chilling out with them but for an introvert, travelling alone could end up being extremely boring. If you wish to travel alone, carrying a book with you may seem interesting but then how long would a book give you company. Travelling alone solely depends on the traveller’s nature.

Solo trip

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of travelling alone.

1) Freedom – Travelling alone would mean that you are absolutely free to do whatever you want, you’re free to choose what you want to eat or drink and more. Whether you choose to relax on a sunny beach or spend the whole night roaming around the city, it is all up to you. As a lone traveller, there will be no one to pull you in their direction or to judge you for what you do.

2) You get more opportunities to socialize – Travelling alone gives you a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends. In comparison to someone who is travelling with friends or family, a lone traveller gets a better chance to meet new people. You may feel like talking to every person you meet just to make new connections or relieve yourself from the boredom of being alone.

3) Time to discover yourself – Travelling alone gives you a thousand different reasons to discover yourself. You get a chance to know your strengths, your weakness, think about your struggles, your passion or your moods. Being alone will allow you to be your own judge and you’re surely not going to regret it.

1) No one to give you company – If you are travelling alone, you will not have anyone to share your experience with. You will not have a companion with whom you would be able to share what you are going through or have gone through. Even though lone travellers get the chance to do whatever they want to do, but it does get boring at times.

2) Loneliness – The feeling of being alone while travelling may lead you towards a feeling of being unwanted. At some point during the travel you may feel the need of sharing your experience with someone but the thought of it may leave you dejected.

3) Confusion – At some point during the travel you may need someone to share your experience or to advise you on what is best for you. Travelling alone will compel you to take all decisions on your own, which could be a good thing but it may leave you confused at times.


Travelling alone is a great option but it comes with its pros and cons. If you are someone who is
confident about your socializing skills, then do go ahead and experience a lone travel at least once in
your lifetime. You surely won’t regret it. If you love the idea of travelling alone, then do get in touch
with Knox Travel and we’ll create the perfect itinerary for you.