Covid pandemic has brought extreme change to the way people travel. But even though most of the factors that all travellers need to keep in mind these days are related to the pandemic, there are many other factors that need to be checked too. From passport validity and visas to checking the prices of phone calls or your phone plan, each traveller should have a checklist of things that need to be taken care of.

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From big things to small things, listed below are some of the preparations for travel
that you may need to check before you embark on your next holiday:-

1) Check the validity of your passport – Though this factor will vary from destination to destination but your travel agent will be able to help you confirm this information if you’re uncertain yourself. Most countries have a validity requirement based on point of entry. Your travel agent can double-check for you before you plan your holiday.

2) Check if you require a visa – Ask your travel agent if you need a visa before you leave your own country or whether you will get a visa on arrival at your destination country. Find out if you need a visa for the time you intend to stay and what type of visa and other requirements do you need to qualify for the same.

3) Check other documents that may be needed – Even though passports and visas are the biggest factors to keep in mind before booking, there are other bits of information that you need to consider before you set off or before booking. Speak to a travel agent or tour operator about the holiday you are planning and the documents you will be needing.

4) Travel restrictions – Covid related or not but some countries have certain travel restrictions that need to be adhered to. Even though you may not need any preparation for them, it is still a good idea to be aware of the same before planning your trip.

Travel agents make the booking process easier for travellers and assure peace of mind. If you are ready to book a great trip, then do connect with Knox Travel for a safe, secure and seamless travel experience.